Beyond Barriers

Beyond Barriers

Eskenazi Health has formally launched our commitment to generational change – collaboratively improving life expectancy in Indianapolis.

16 miles = 16 years
Life Expectancy Map


That’s the difference in life expectancy between zip code 46201 and 46250…and that gap is widening. Despite the fact we live in a region where health care options are abundant, right here in our midst, our underserved continue to suffer at globally disproportionate rates. The future of health care is not about helping more sick people get better, it is about having fewer people getting sick.


Transforming both requires solving the underlying social problems impacting well-being often termed social determinants of health.

Those living in poverty disproportionately face so many health challenges. Challenges such as disability, mental health, medical issues and substance use disorder impede education and job opportunities, limit child and adult brain development, contribute to violence in our city and reduce quality of life.

Change will not happen quickly. But it must start now.

The BeyondBarriers campaign launches a commitment to generational change—collaboratively improving life expectancy in Indianapolis.

The goal is to leverage Eskenazi Health’s strengths and partnerships through a first-of-its-kind integrated and sustainable model to create life expectancy equity for everyone in Indianapolis.

The future of health care is not about helping more sick people get better, it is about having fewer people getting sick.



Change has begun. Investments in philanthropy are already making an early impact for patients and providers in our Health Equity Zones. Because of generous financial investments, Eskenazi Health has started moving the needle on the various health disparities that continually affect our neighbors in Central Indiana. More specifically, we have already seen incredible change and impact throughout this community with the implementation and development of our Health Equity Zones, New Model of Care and System-Wide Food Strategy.

Eskenazi Health’s initial three Health Equity Zones are officially operational.

Health Equity ZonesFocused on addressing long-term social determinants of health and increasing life expectancy for all Central Indiana residents, these Health Equity Zones are centered at three Eskenazi Health Center sites located throughout Indianapolis:

  • Eskenazi Health Center West 38th Street – International Marketplace
  • Eskenazi Health Center East 38th Street – Northeast Corridor
  • Eskenazi Health Center Grassy Creek – Far East.

The Eskenazi Health social determinants of health team has established formalized partnerships with Community Conveners for each zone. The Community Conveners are mechanisms for regular input and continuous feedback. More exciting Health Equity Zone updates:

  • A full-time Health Equity Zone Coordinator position has been filled and is now active
  • Community Steering Committees are formed for each Health Equity Zone
  • Community listening meetings are underway to help identify top priority health needs

New Model for CareEskenazi Health has established the needed organizational structures, systems, technology, record keeping and staffing to support the New Model of Care—the integration of medical care with social care.

Eskenazi Health is developing as a workforce and increasing access to care, with the addition of two new leaders, 10 community health workers, 10 community weavers, four doulas and four SNAP coordinators.

Philanthropic investment has also enabled Eskenazi Health to start screening all patients for social needs through the Eskenazi Health Electronic Medical Records System, and researchers are actively measuring and tracking progress of this work.

System-Wide Food StrategyEskenazi Health’s system-wide food strategy is now in full swing. Through screening, 50,000 patients have been identified as food insecure and will soon have access to the Fresh for You Market on Wheels—a mobile service providing healthy food at affordable prices in convenient locations.

In addition to providing healthy foods to all of our food-insecure neighbors in Central Indiana, the FFYM on Wheels will provide access to robust primary care services, including nutrition coaching and a healthy lifestyle program, and will be staffed by a Nutrition Navigator who will support education efforts and connect visitors to additional resources, including healthy recipes and shopping advice.



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