Beyond Barriers – Health Care

Beyond Barriers – Health Care


Basic access to care is one of our region’s greatest unmet needs. Proximity, transportation, affordability and education continue to be barriers our most vulnerable neighbors simply cannot overcome on their own. Reaching people requires investment in both infrastructure and programming.

On the east side, a new primary care center of the future is under construction and will serve as the hub for a Health Equity Zone. Two existing Eskenazi Health Center clinics will anchor two additional Health Equity Zones.

Eskenazi Health is always seeking new and innovative ways to care for people in our community. Community health workers meet one-on-one with patients at Eskenazi Health Center locations and patient homes to enhance understanding and adoption of treatment plans, screen for social determinants of health and help patients set and achieve their self-management goals. During their time with patients, community health workers conduct welfare or safety checks, distribute medical supplies, assist with blood pressure or blood sugar checks, and educate patients. By including screening and referral for social determinants of health in regular visits, care teams can identify risks and solutions for patients and their families.

More than existing programs, for this campaign to succeed, Eskenazi Health teams will engage with education, transportation, housing, public health and other industries to expand existing programs that are working and create and support new programming and services.

Health Equity Zones

Many of our community members experience health disparities as a result of inequitable access to health care and human service resources. Additionally, not having access to affordable, preventive, holistic quality care leaves our community members in dire living situations. Eskenazi Health knows that to better reach and care for our neighbors, friends and family in Indiana, investment in both infrastructure and programming is urgently needed. 

In order to address and improve access to health care for all of our community members in Indiana, Eskenazi Health seeks to establish three Health Equity Zones focused on addressing long-term social determinants of health and improving the quality of life for all Central Indiana residents. 

By 2025, these Health Equity Zones will be fully implemented at three Eskenazi Health Center sites located throughout Indianapolis: Eskenazi Health Center West 38th Street – International Marketplace, Eskenazi Health Center East 38th Street – Northeast Corridor and Eskenazi Health Center Grassy Creek – Far East. 

The most exciting news: change has begun. Eskenazi Health’s vision for a healthier community is within reach. 

Eighty percent of our health is shaped by Social Determinants of Health. Thinking another way,  traditionally delivered medical care contributes only 20% to reducing premature death. To radically transform outcomes, Eskenazi Health must integrate medical care with social care. The Beyond Barriers Campaign represents a deliberate decision to focus philanthropy at the point of greatest opportunity.



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