St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Raises Funds for their $1 Million Gift to the Ackerman Center


St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild Raises Funds for their $1 Million Gift to the Ackerman Center

Eskenazi Health Foundation is excited to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the Decorators’ Show House & Gardens, a cherished annual event hosted by St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild. This year, a team of over 20 interior designers and landscape architects worked to transform the elegant Sylvan House at Northern Estates, located on the westside of Indianapolis.

The tour of this historic residence, helped St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild meet their goal of raising $1 million dollars for the John & Kathy Ackerman Mental Health Professional Development Center at Sandra Eskenazi Mental Health Center. The Ackerman Center aims to cultivate a skilled and diverse pipeline of mental health professionals to address the ever-growing mental health and substance use disorder needs in Indianapolis. This year’s Show House and Gardens event reflects a shared commitment to enhance mental health services and transform lives within the community.

Since 1907, St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild has been an invaluable partner in advancing Eskenazi Health’s mission. Their annual Show House and Gardens fundraising event, the longest-running tour of its kind in the country, has generated more than $14 million to support various Eskenazi Health programs and services. From funding essential medical units to championing wellness initiatives, their contributions have significantly enhanced the health and well-being of Eskenazi Health’s patients and staff.

Eskenazi Health Foundation extends profound gratitude to St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild, the homeowners, designers, landscape architects, sponsors, donors, corporations and tour attendees who make this annual event possible. Your unwavering support empowers Eskenazi Health to continue providing exceptional care and services to all members of the community.

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