Colleagues Care

An employee’s ability to deliver the best quality care and superb customer service may be difficult when faced with stress caused by personal hardships. Eskenazi Health Foundation, in partnership with Eskenazi Health, is proud to provide the Eskenazi Health Colleagues Care program which provides financial assistance options to employees in times of crisis.

The Colleagues Care program provides financial assistance for employees in an emergency for needs such as utilities, rent or mortgage, emergency home repairs, transportation assistance and funeral expenses. It allows employees to come together to care for their coworkers and to be there in their time of need. One hundred percent of the donated funds assisting colleagues.

Thanksgiving Day 2016, an employee’s grandmother became ill and was hospitalized, eventually passing away from her illness. This would be a tragic time for any of us, but, for this employee, it was nearly impossible. The grandmother had been the primary caregiver for her special needs son and the employee was left with no option but to reduce her work schedule until she could find regular, reliable care for her son. This left her unable to make all of her utility payments which was especially disconcerting during the winter months and with a child depending on her. The employee applied for, and received, assistance through the Colleagues Care program.

“I do not know what I would have done without assistance from Colleagues Care. I want others to know how important it is to donate to keep this program available to those who may be in need. To those who need help, I encourage you to find the courage to ask for assistance and realize that your Eskenazi Health family is here for you.”
– anonymous employee

An employee was working part-time and attending nursing school when she became pregnant and had a child. Despite being the sole income for the household, she was unable to work while on maternity leave. As such, she fell behind on her bills and, ultimately, filed bankruptcy. She was desperate for assistance. The Colleagues Care program enabled her to make her mortgage current and provide some peace of mind. She is now financially stable and a full-time employee, grateful for the help she received.

“The Colleagues Care program helped me get back on my feet again. I am grateful to my fellow employees who donated and encourage other to do so. It really can change someone’s life!”
– anonymous employee

Visit the Eskenazi Health Foundation portal on E-Hub or contact DeVonne Richburg, Gift Officer, at 317.880.4908 or via e-mail to learn more about how you can support the Eskenazi Health Colleagues Care program.