Feasibility Study Committee to Lead Study into Launching a New Campaign

Eskenazi Health Foundation’s Board of Directors is considering a Campaign for Health Equity designed to increase access to quality healthcare, mental health care, and nutritious foods for all of the residents of Marion County. Prior to launching the campaign, Eskenazi Health Foundation formed a Feasibility Study Committee which will oversee a feasibility study. Feasibility studies are designed to assess an organization’s readiness for a large project and to capture perceptions from key stakeholders regarding the project in question. The results of the study will be used to craft a fundraising strategy and determine whether the campaign should proceed.

The Feasibility Study Committee is chaired by Michael L. Smith, former Foundation Board Chair and Executive Vice President and CFO for Anthem Inc., retired. The other members of the committee are as follows:

John F. Ackerman
Managing Director
Cardinal Equity Partners

Charlene A. Barnette
Civic Leader

Deborah J. Daniels
Of Counsel
Krieg DeVault LLP

Sarah S. Faller
Civic Leader

Thomas J. Grande
Senior Vice President, Investments &
Risk Management
Gene B. Glick Company

J. Mark Howell
President & CEO
Conexus Indiana

Dennis D. Oklak
Chairman & CEO, Retired
Duke Realty Corporation

Myrta J. Pulliam

Sharon R. Reed
Director of Administration
RCR Technology Corporation

Christopher C. Stack, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Retired

John T. Thompson
President & CEO
Thompson Distribution Company, Inc.