Eskenazi Health Employees Join the Movement


Eskenazi Health Employees Join the Movement

Eskenazi Health Foundation is pleased to announce a significant stride in creating positive change across Indianapolis with the launch of the employee campaign on May 14th. Employee engagement in the Beyond Barriers Campaign marks a pivotal step in Eskenazi Health’s commitment to tackle social determinants of health and improve health equity for all members of the community. Continuing until the end of September, this initiative aims to mobilize widespread support and participation from every Eskenazi Health team member.

Participation in the employee campaign extends beyond financial contributions; it embodies the collective’s dedication to address the diverse needs the community’s most vulnerable residents. Employee involvement will not only showcase internal belief in the campaign but also strengthen conversations with external funders, both new and existing.

Led by a devoted and passionate committee of employee leaders, the employee campaign is set to inspire and empower each employee to contribute in meaningful ways. Over the coming months, the Employee Campaign Committee leaders and Eskenazi Health Foundation staff will engage with various employee groups to share the campaign’s goals and garner support.

Eskenazi Health Foundation has witnessed the profound impact of the employees’ collective efforts in the past, and is now calling on all employees to be a part of a truly transformative movement. Recently, Eskenazi Health physicians set an inspiring example by raising over $1.5 million for the Beyond Barriers Campaign.

Employee participation in this philanthropic endeavor will not only position Eskenazi Health as a trailblazer for promoting health equity in Indianapolis but also nationwide. Together, everyone can make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Eskenazi Health 2024 Employee Campaign Committee
Donna Burks
Amy Carter
Josh Conley
Todd Cox
Kelley Gardner
Terri Garner
Todd Harper
Father Rob Lyons
Sherri Marley
Melinda Rosa
Katie Shepherdson
Lori Thorp
Allison Thurman
Tabitha Vaughn
Roz Wolen

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