Fairbanks Foundation Provides Gift for Eskenazi Health

In November 2009, the Eskenazi Health Foundation received a $6 million grant from the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation for the construction of the new Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital and Eskenazi Health. At the time, the gift was the single largest philanthropic contribution in the health system’s 150-year history.

“Eskenazi Health provides the highest volume of care to the local safety net population and is the backbone of the state’s system for educating future doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals,” said Leonard J. Betley, president of the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation. “The need to construct a new hospital facility is long overdue. Support for the safety net system and healthcare workforce development are two of the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation’s funding themes. I am pleased to announce that the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to award a grant for $6 million in support of the new hospital.”

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation has been a long-time supporter of Eskenazi Health projects such as its namesake Burn Center. The grant supported the project to construct a new, modern and efficient hospital.

“This is an incredible contribution that shows the Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation’s appreciation for the importance of construction of a new hospital and its confidence in the hospital’s future,” said Dr. Lisa Harris, CEO of Eskenazi Health. “We are immeasurably grateful for this record grant and recognize its value to Eskenazi Health and the greater Indianapolis community.”

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation was established in 1986 as an independent, private foundation granting funds to qualifying nonprofit organizations. Grants are awarded to support nonprofit organizations, programs and projects in greater Indianapolis.