Employee Donor Stories

Many Eskenazi Health employees and physicians have provided gifts in support of the Eskenazi Health Campaign. Below are some of their stories.

Stacey Hilgemeier and Sherri Hayden, Eskenazi Health employees
Eskenazi Health employees, nurses Stacey Hilgemeier and Sherri Hayden combined to make a contribution in order to name a room in memory of Stacey’s son Zachary, who tragically died in an accident.

“I have been here 20 years and Eskenazi Health has seen me through everything, ups and downs,” Hilgemeier said. “It holds a special place in my heart. I wouldn’t have wanted Zachary to go anywhere else. It is great to have naming opportunities. There will be a place at Eskenazi Health forever honoring my son Zachary.”

“I have given 10 years of my life to Wishard – it isn’t just a job – it’s another part of my family,” Hayden said. “Stacey approached me about a naming opportunity and I thought it was a great idea, something I wanted to do to honor my friend Zachary.”

Kay and Darcy Hatton, Eskenazi Health employees
Kay and Darcy Hatton – a mother and daughter nursing duo – combined gifts to provide “a minute repayment for giving me more than I could ever give back,” according to Kay Hatton.

“At first I was like, no way I give enough, but once I sat down and thought about it Wishard has given me more than I could ever give back. Working here is so much more than a paycheck and Wishard provides the only stable thing in many patients’ lives so why not make it the best,” Kay Hatton said.

“I give because it is a legacy we are leaving. My mom and I both work here. Maybe someday my child will work here too,” Darcy Hatton said.

Eskenazi Health Senior Care employees
Eskenazi Health Senior Care employees combined as a department to name a space in the new Sidney & Lois Eskenazi Hospital.

“We as a team would like to be a part of Eskenazi Health. No individual was able to sponsor a room so we combined our money.”